One truly natural toothbrush. Developed by a periodontist. Soft agave fibers sewn into an olive wood handle.

Brush your teeth gently, respect your oral microbiome and the environment.

A daily gesture of love towards our mouth, the mirror of our body.

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How to brush your teeth.

1. Let nature guide you. Start brushing your teeth gently and feel the natural bristles. Allow them to show you how much pressure should be applied. If you notice the bristles spreading out while you’re brushing, apply lighter pressure.

2. Take your time and breathe. Brush your gums and teeth with care. Hold your toothbrush like violinists hold their bow. You will just need 2 minutes.

3. Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

4. Restore the bristles, if necessary.

5. Rinse, drain and air dry your toothbrush. Do not store in the medicine cabinet or a drawer and do not use a toothbrush cover.

Olon was developed by a periodontist and a team of researchers, who want to change the way we take care of our mouth.

We believe in simplicity and scientific research. We believe in respecting our oral microbiome. We believe in the gentle care we owe ourselves.

We created our products to go back to where we were always supposed to go - the intrinsic balance of nature.


One Truly Natural Toothbrush

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