Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Olon different?

Olon was created after years of study and research carried out by a periodontist. It has been especially designed to help you brush your teeth and gums gently. It is the first truly natural toothbrush made of olive oil wood and soft agave fibres sewn in with thread.

Let natural fibres guide you. They can sense pressure and they bend when you apply too much pressure. That’s their way to remind you to brush your teeth gently.

We only use olive oil wood that is destined for firewood and has not been varnished nor has it gone through chemical processing. The special weight of olives and their high concentration in oil after burnishing, make the handle of our toothbrushes soft, non-porous and bacteria-resistant.

· The thread-sewn bristles protrude slightly at the back of the brush head, providing a scraper to remove bacteria from the tongue.
· Natural fibres are like a sponge: They increase the foaming properties of our toothpaste. That’s how the use of small amounts of low-foaming toothpaste is favoured. That’s another user- and environmentally-friendly feature of our products.

Why are Olon toothbrushes soft? I feel that soft toothbrushes don’t clean my teeth properly.

Toothbrushes are the most important tool for oral hygiene. They have to be soft to be elastic, reach between your teeth and gums and remove microbial plaque. Medium or hard toothbrushes cause dental problems and gradually damage enamel and dentine. They can also cause gum recession. Olon has been designed by a periodontist and has only soft bristles to help you take care of your mouth efficiently without causing any damage.

What should I do if the bristles of my toothbrush are frayed?

We have chosen agave fibres after carrying out many tests and trials. They are as resistant and soft as necessary and they’re here to help you brush your mouth properly. Frayed and bent bristles indicate that you apply too much pressure while brushing your teeth. Unlike nylon bristles that get frayed and bent permanently, natural bristles can be easily fixed and reshaped. All you have to do is use your lips, your teeth or even your fingers. Then, continue to brush your teeth gently.

How can I recycle an Olon toothbrush?

The olive oil wood handle and the natural agave fibres of our toothbrushes don’t need to be recycled.

Does an Olon toothbrush come with brushing instructions?

Of course. Take a look here to find out more about brushing your teeth with an Olon toothbrush.

How much time do I need to brush my teeth with an Olon toothbrush?

You only need 2 minutes of proper brushing to take best care of your teeth and gums. Enjoy.

How often do I have to replace my Olon toothbrush?

Every 2 months.

How much toothpaste do I have to use every time I brush my teeth?

You need 0.25gr toothpaste - that’s about the size of a pea.

How many times do I have to brush my teeth per day?

Two times per day should be enough. However, there’s something more important than the number of times we brush our teeth: The way and the time we brush them. Brush gently half an hour after consuming acidic foods or drinks to avoid dental erosion.

Are Olon toothbrushes suitable for children?

Olon toothbrushes are presently designed for adults. However, we have already started designing toothbrushes especially for children, their teeth and their needs.

Are family packages available?

Yes, we are currently designing family packages. They will be available as soon as our kids’ toothbrushes are on the market.

I’ve bought a family package. How can I tell which toothbrush is mine?

You can choose different thread colours. You’re free to choose yours, so that each member of the family can have their own colour.

How can I take best care of my Olon toothbrush?

Rinse well after use. Make sure that your toothbrush dries well. Try to remove moisture from the bristles and the handle right after you brush your teeth. Keep in a well-ventilated space.

How can I purchase an Olon toothbrush?

You can buy your Olon toothbrush online by visiting our e-shop. Our products are also available in selected dental practices, drug stores and shops in Greece. If you are in Chania, you can visit our dental practice or our designated lab. We'd love to meet you, show you how to brush your teeth properly and make you part of our journey.