Why are most toothbrushes made of nylon fibres? Why do we have to brush our teeth with plastic? It all started with a question. Our goal is to redefine the way we take care of our mouth while respecting our oral microbiome, the environment and science.


We are driven by transparency and the power of science and research. We believe in prevention and cure.

We choose all materials we use carefully. All our products have gone through clinical trials and are the result of many years of daily practical experience in our dental clinic.


Proper brushing means gentle brushing.

Stiff bristle brushes and non-gentle brushing as well as products containing chemical substances lead to foam formation and affect the pH of our mouth. They alter our oral microbiome and damage our teeth and gums. We want to teach you how to brush your teeth as gently as violinists hold their bows.


We always go back to where we belong.

We go back to nature to feel the balance that is all around us. We use raw materials offered by nature; we closely examine the gifts nature bears to take best care of ourselves.


We strive to respect natural resources and the planet in which we live every step of the way.

We support small producers. We work diligently and do our best to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. This goes for all stages of production starting from the raw materials and the processing until the final product and its packaging.


Sofia Damianaki

I was born in Chania, Crete. I grew up in the countryside. My parents have been cultivating this land since they were born just like their parents used to do.

Growing up, I was constantly asking questions. That never stopped. Questions led me to research and periodontology. I saw both as a safe place where I could find knowledge that gave answers to my questions. I’ve dedicated my life in science, because there’s nothing trivial about it. Everything is there for a reason.

That’s why I became a periodontist. I became a dental surgeon in 2007 and I completed my residency in Periodontology in 2010. I am a Member of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, the European Federation of Periodontology, the Stomatological Society of Crete and the European Association for Osseointegration.

I’ve been practicing dentistry since 2007 and I opened my own dental practice in Chania in 2010. Today, I work with a team of like-minded clinical dentists specialised in different areas. We treat our patients with love and care. Even though I believe in powerful treatments, prevention is what I believe in most. My patients make me a better doctor every day. My interaction with them along with my desire to convey my knowledge and teach them how to take care of their mouth properly, how to prevent oral diseases, how to ensure oral health or how to treat potential dental problems led me to the development of a specialised programme for oral hygiene, a new brushing technique and a brand new service for optimal oral health.

My goal was to create highly-efficient dental products that would be user- and environmentally-friendly. My desire to achieve maximum dental efficiency without the use of unnecessary chemicals was the main principle that guided me throughout the product design process. 

In 2018, I cycled across Europe with my backpack. I started from Crete and reached the northernmost point of Europe located in the North of Norway. That’s when I realised how much happier I would be, if my everyday life was only about what is essential: the bare minimum, what truly matters. 

The idea to create Olon was born while I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It all started with a question: Why do toothbrushes have nylon bristles? I started collecting every branch I came across and scratched it with a needle. I did so until I found the agave variety, we use at Olon. But I was not alone in this journey. Iraklis, with his knowledge and persistence, built a state-of-the-art machine from scratch. This machine helped us reach the desired outcome. Reaching our goal also took Elena’s help, stability and diligence. It took three years of searching  factories all over the world until we found what we were really looking for. We now have our own production equipment, our own production site in Crete, a team that never ceases to search, discover and help each other. Olon exists thanks to this remarkable team.

Iraklis Rigakis

I was born in Faneromeni village, which is located in the municipality of Faistos. I lived there until I finished high-school. When I was a child, I used to help my parents at work, in the fields or at construction sites. It was a valuable and creative learning experience – almost like a second school. That’s how I came to know how to work with my hands from an early age. I believe that this has made me the person I am today. I studied Electrical Engineering in Chania and I focus mostly on designing and developing innovative e-products. 

I believe in very simple things and small steps. Progress comes only when you learn how to do simple things, when you complete every step with full attention and dedication. Each small step leads you to the next one. That’s why, I always find it hard to tell if a specific moment in my life is what brought me where I am today. I know that all moments are equally important. 

Sofia is my dentist, so I already knew how professional she was. I knew how passionate she is about her job and how much she loves it. One day, I went to her dental practice to take a look at her dental equipment that wasn’t working properly. At some point, I noticed something on her desk. It looked like a branch that had a needle passed through its tip. I immediately asked what that was. That was when Sofia told me everything about Olon for the very first time. She told me that she was trying to make a toothbrush with natural fibres and she was on the lookout for the most suitable raw materials. After our talk, I went straight to my lab and built a simple 10-needle machine that would help her find suitable raw materials faster. We had just built our first machine. We had just made our first step. 

Three years of hard work and dedication followed. We had to take a lot of steps over these years. Each one was special and worthwhile. They all served our purpose. Today, I help in selecting our production equipment in cooperation with the rest of the team. I’m also responsible for designing new machines that meet our production needs in case suitable ones are not yet available on the market. Last but not least, I train the production staff and help in designing new products every day.

Every step is a significant moment.

Elena Anagnostaki

I’m a teacher and I have completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Crete. During my postgraduate studies, I specialised in Education and Technology in distance education and remote learning. Since 2008, my students and I have been discovering daily what creativity means. We explore the world around us. We make mistakes, we argue and then, we make up and continue our journey. In my free time, I read and write (about educational science and more), I practice yoga, I swim or I sing (in the shower, of course).

I was born and raised in Chania on the island of Crete. It’s a place I love. I lived in a house by the beach. I could leave the house whenever I wanted as long as I kissed everyone goodbye. I was raised in the warmth of a family that is the core of my being. I learned how to lead a free life detached from anything that’s unnecessary be it material things or stereotypes. My family used to call me ‘bright spark’. I always had different ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up - I kept on changing my mind from year to year. With the taste of salt on my lips, and sand on my skin and hair, with a book always in hand and a natural curiosity about everything, people always knew where to find me. I was either swimming or climbing rocks.

My journey at Olon started shortly after Sofia shared her idea about creating a natural toothbrush. It all happened very quickly. Both of us felt that this project was truly different. Heracles, Sofia and me soon found ourselves trying out numerous brush-handles and bristles from different agave varieties. We spent hours separating the bristles one by one, sewing bristles into handles manually and brushing our teeth. It all lasted almost three years. That’s how my journey at Olon started. My friendship with Sofia along with my lifestyle that’s very close to what she wants to teach us about oral care connected us. At Olon, Ι am the point of contact for questions and requests - I help in customer service and communications. I spend every day conveying knowledge and everything we’ve learned throughout our special journey.

We are all capable of learning as long as someone teaches us.